UGC NET Paper 1

What is Research? Objectives , Characteristics, and Process

 To find, understand, and advance human knowledge about a certain topic or situation, research is a methodical and structured process of inquiry. It entails looking into the knowledge that already exists, formulating questions or hypotheses, gathering and analysing data, and coming to conclusions. Numerous subjects, including the social sciences, humanities, business, and sciences, are open […]

Teaching Aptitude

What are the 3 Levels of Teaching? Free Notes |UGC NET Exam

Teaching is a complex process that involves assisting students as they progress through different stages of knowledge and thought. It’s critical for educators to understand these levels and make use of them in order to support effective classrooms. One framework that separates education into three distinct levels—memory level, understanding level, and reflective level—is one of […]

UGC Population Study

National Health Programme| UGC NET Population studies| Notes

India has come very far in meeting the healthcare demands of its enormous population since attaining independence in 1947. The government introduced several national health programme over the years with the goals of increasing good health outcomes, reducing the burden of disease, and improving access to healthcare services. This article will examine the post-independence development […]


what is communication design?

Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information development which is concerned with how media intervention, such as printed, crafted, electronic and presentations, communicate with people. Communication designers translate ideas and information through a variety of media. Design is the physical product derived from the activity, but the activity itself is often overlooked. […]

UGC Population Study

What are the main Sources of population data?

Ever wondered how we get the lowdown on the incredible diversity of people living on our planet? It’s not magic, it’s data! In this blog, we’re diving into the three fascinating sources that spill the beans on population trends: Population Census, Registration of Vital Events, and Sample Surveys. Collecting the data from population is very […]


Fundamental theories of Mass Communication

The study of mass communication stands as a cornerstone in understanding how information permeates societies on a grand scale. The field of mass communication has given rise to a plethora of theories. These theories seek to explain the intricacies of how large audiences transmit and receive messages . We delve into the fundamental theories of […]

UGC Population Study

Development of Population Studies in India

The population studies in India has been closely associated with the basis of social development in the larger story of India’s history. Demography, or the study of population, has been essential to comprehending the trends of the India’s growth. There has been a notable transformation in the study of India’s demographic environment from before independence to […]