Journalism Mock Test

Free Online Mock test , UGC NET Mass communication & Journalism

It can be difficult to prepare for the UGC NET test in mass communication and journalism. Because of the extensive syllabus and competitive environment, candidates frequently feel overburdened by the preparation process. However, success is attainable with the correct tools and training. This is where our online mock test platform comes into play, providing an […]

Data Science Data Science Projects

Weather Forecast using Python, Data Science & Machine Learning Project

Although it can be difficult to forecast the weather because it is always changing, data science can provide important insights into what will happen in the future. This essay explores the fascinating field of weather forecasting, which is one of the important data science project. This focuses on how Python-powered time series forecasting may give […]

UGC NET Paper 1

What is Research? Objectives , Characteristics, and Process

 To find, understand, and advance human knowledge about a certain topic or situation, research is a methodical and structured process of inquiry. It entails looking into the knowledge that already exists, formulating questions or hypotheses, gathering and analysing data, and coming to conclusions. Numerous subjects, including the social sciences, humanities, business, and sciences, are open […]